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The Chiropractic Adjustment

Chiropractic manipulative therapy, or an adjustment, is defined as a high velocity, low amplitude thrust directed to one or more joints of the body to improve their alignment and mobility. Chiropractors refer to malalignment of the spine as a subluxation.

Subluxations alter sensory input to the brain which leads to an imbalance of normal sensation. Heightened pain stimulation results in inflammation, adhesion formation and degeneration; and altered physical sensation results in poor proprioception and motor coordination.

The response of the patient to a gentle but firm adjustment is dependent on a variety of factors such as the length of time in which the problem has been present, the initiating cause, the patient’s lifestyle and their genetics.

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Dry Needling

Dry needling is a type of physical therapy whereby very fine needles are inserted into myofascial trigger points, areas of tension, tendons or ligaments. This intramuscular stimulation results in a local twitch response and increased blood flow to the area. This can be very helpful in promoting healing, relieving pain and improving range of motion.

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Massage Therapy

Kate offers both sports and holistic massage therapy. Sports massage therapy assists with lifestyle and sports related soft tissue injuries that may typically result in overuse syndromes or sprain/ strain of the tissues. It involves sustained pressure and deep strokes to target the inner layers of the muscle and connective tissue fibres. The goal of this treatment is to regain tissue flexibility, assisting in recovery and prevention of injury.

Holistic massage therapy is inspired by Swedish massage, lymphatic drainage and basic sports massage. This is a non-invasive relaxing massage that assists with muscle tightness.

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Fascia and Scar Tissue Mobilisations

Myofascial meridians work together as one system to bring balance and integrity to the structure and function of the body.  When fascia becomes restricted in any of its chains, compensation patterns can arise, creating pain and dysfunction elsewhere in the body. Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation can assist with this.

IASTM improves functional movement by focussing treatment on the body’s fascial and movement chains. This technique treats and prevents the densification of fascia and tissue fibrosis, thereby improving fascia flexibility and range of motion.

Even the smallest scars can result in altered movement patterns. Kate uses a sequence of very gentle movements to assist in the mobility of the scar and its surrounding tissue. These techniques also assist in scar desensitisation and treats compensatory movement patterns.

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Patient Education

Patient education and rehabilitation are vital components of health care. Kate encourages you to take an active role in your recovery by equipping you with knowledge on your condition and protocols to prevent reoccurrence.

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X-rays are necessary should you present with a condition that needs to be investigated further. X-rays provide an objective measure of your skeletal health. Should this be indicated, Kate will refer you to a nearby radiologist.


Diagnostic Ultrasound is mostly indicated when there is a soft tissue injury which requires further investigation. Should this be indicated, Kate will refer you to a nearby radiologist.


Should specialised imaging be required, such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging or Computed Tomography, Kate will refer you to a specialist who can authorise the imaging technique, such as a Neurologist or Orthopaedic surgeon.

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Our Compliance Policies

The attachment below will apply during chiropractic and massage therapy appointments.

Patient General Indemnity

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