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The Chiropractic Lifestyle

As chiropractors, we often encourage patients to book maintenance or wellness appointments even after we have resolved their complaint. This is to ensure that the body is functioning optimally and can adapt to its environment so that we can avoid injury and disease.

At wellness appointments we can assess how your body is functioning and pick up small issues before they become larger problems. By keeping the body free of spinal and extremity joint restrictions, there will be better communication between the brain and peripheral nervous system.

Not currently in pain? Well pain is the last symptom that the body is in dysfunction. Other signs that your body is under stress include:

- Anxiety and depression

- Sleep issues

- Chronic fatigue

- Vertigo

- Brain fog

- Low immune function and allergies

- Fertility issues

- Recurrent headaches

- Traveling aches and pains

These kinds of symptoms are warning signs which tell us that something is not quite right, and that we need to do something about it. Here are a few ways to turn chiropractic into a lifestyle:


We should all be incorporating at least 20 minutes of purposeful movement into our daily routine to improve your joint function and mood! The best exercise is the one that you enjoy so this could be walking, playing a sport, yoga or even doing your prescribed rehab exercises.

Practice proper ergonomics

We are surrounded by screens that we use for both work and on our down time. Be mindful of your posture while using technology to maintain the natural curvatures of your spine.

Breathing techniques

The way that we breath can regulate our nervous system. Short shallow breaths can stimulate the stressful fight or flight response, but slow deep breaths can sooth the body’s systems.

Consistent chiropractic appointments

Let us help you live life to its fullest! Regular chiropractic care helps to balance the nervous system, allowing your body to adapt to the environment the way it is supposed to.

We want to enrich as many lives as possible, which is why patients can now visit us in Mtunzini as well as our Ballito chiropractic practice. Happy spine, happy life!

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