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Every Spine Counts

On the 16th of October chiropractors across the globe celebrate the “bread and butter” of our profession, the spine. This World Spine Day we highlight the need for chiropractic in every population #everyspinecounts.

Chiropractic is effective for people in all phases of life – you are never too young or too old for an adjustment. Each age demographic has its own benefits of receiving chiropractic care:

Chiropractic during pregnancy

Many of our patients believe that they cannot be adjusted when pregnant but they can actually be adjusted throughout the entire pregnancy with some patients even having their chiropractors present during labour. During pregnancy, there are increased amounts of Relaxin released which results in ligament laxity in preparation for labour. Adjustments provide relief from lower back and pelvic pain, and also create more space in the pelvis for the baby to move.

Infants and babies

No matter the type of birth, the baby undergoes a lot forces while coming into the world. Spinal restrictions arise from the birth as well as their position in utero. This can result in excess gas, reflux, difficulty with tummy time and general fussiness.

Toddlers and youth

This age group is particularly prone to injury. In fact, it is estimated that before the age of 7, a child will fall around 2,500 times. When injuries do occur, chiropractors are here to make the recovery process go faster. Chiropractic can also assist with chronic bed wetting, allergies, chronic colds, ear infections, ADD and constipation.


It is more of a wonder why this age group aren’t always in pain. Teenagers spend 5 days a week carrying around heavy back packs and then slump down at their desk for half the day, then take part in a number of sporting activities, go home to do their homework (likely on a surface that’s the wrong height for them) and then slouch on the couch with a “tech neck” for the remainder of the evening.


There are many reasons why adults can experience pain like due to excessive time at a desk or an old/new sports injury causing recurring pain. Whatever the reason, chiropractic adjustments are a great treatment option to help with this pain. Even when there is no pain present, adjustments are still beneficial as they keep the immune system boosted and the nervous system running smoothly. Steps must be taken early on to ensure healthy aging!


Growing old does not mean reducing our life. Health span vs life span is something I will discuss in more detail in the next blog post, but in short – How many of your years do you want to spend healthy and active, free of chronic disease? And how many do you want to immobile and needing chronic medication? Let your chiropractic help lengthen your health span.

Each season of life has its own challenges but the answer remains the same – chiropractic care.

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